A London-based family office serving UHNW individuals.

Ferrer Capital gives you the power to control your wealth. Through prudent planning, our dedicated advisors manage and preserve your family’s wealth for generations to come.

Who We Are

We are a family built on values of trust, discipline, and integrity. Requested from our closest friends and families, we created Ferrer Capital to bring a new perspective to managing family wealth.

Our solutions are designed for UHNW individuals from family to business, where we cater to the most bespoke needs and desirable paths for growing and investing next generation wealth.

Built on a foundation of genuine values, we prioritise the individual first, followed by their wealth. We focus on financially educating our clients to understand their finances best and provide them with premium management services.


Based in the heart of London, we specialise in niche areas to promote the development of human and intellectual capital of all our family members. Ferrer’s advisors are motivated to grow and advance our clients’ family wealth through vital disciplinary and financial means.


Our advisors aspire to bring a legacy of future generations from each of our families while consistently improving and expanding our relationships. With a deep focus on people and relations, Ferrer Capital’s advisors aim to create approaches as unique as the families we work with.



To establish and grow our client’s wealth responsibly, we must have a foundation based on trust and transparency. Before we proceed with any family, we create a relationship aimed to flourish into a partnership. We encourage our clients to reflect on their interests to align their financial objectives and values with what we may provide them. From the beginning of our process and for many years to come, we treat our clients like family.


Our company’s fundamentals are derived from responsible investing through client goals with each multi-generational family. We dedicate significant time and energy to carefully constructing customised investments to meet the family’s criteria. Each advisor has years of experience providing exceptionally detailed and tailored strategies designed to complement diverse family structures.


Preserving and maintaining the integrity of Ferrer Capital to our clients, our advisory team works around the clock to leave our families with an active and flourishing legacy. Ferrer Capital focuses on our clients’ human, family and cultural capital as we strive to be the supportive stability and financial influence they seek.


London, United Kingdom
+44 20 3761 7443

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