Our Services Become Exceptional Family Solutions

We coordinate family affairs through specific investment strategies & philosophies, investment opportunities, specialised market research and analysis.

Private Equity

Our dedicated professionals use their global networks to offer exclusive private equity opportunities to our clientele. We seek out the unique returns and opportunities for our clients to consistently achieve high ROI and a strategic investment horizon.

Private Debt

Tapping into select investment arenas to achieve the most profitable assets, we pair every endeavour accordingly to match our client’s interests. Our acquired knowledge allows us to provide relevant and mutually interesting funds for each individual need.

Real Estate

Having worked with residential and commercial real estate, we grow and invest our families’ wealth through strategic investments around the world. Our team dedicates substantial capital to managing family assets and affairs of various sizes.


Actively pursuing a range of scalable projects every quarter, Ferrer Capital has extensive experience in the energy sector. Our advisors guide clients in their future active energy assets by addressing global regulatory changes, policies, restructuring, and litigation.

Stocks & Shares

Ferrer Capital’s advisors balance strategy and risk to grow and develop our families’ businesses and investments. Our exponential capital growth in buying and trading shares pushes us ahead of the competition as we carefully consider the individual risk profile of each member of our diverse clientele.

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